Advanced Sudsing Action


  • Clean and shine in no time
  • Spot free rinsing
  • Formulated with carnauba wax for extra shine and protection
  • Wax solution won’t leave streaks or spots and leaves a sparkling shine
  • Gently and safely lifts dirt and grime for a deep clean


Zip Wax Car Wash And Wax has been a mainstay in driveways for more than 60 years and for good reason. It works consistently well to break up mud and soils and rinse spot free, even on glass. The high foaming formula surrounds dirt and road grime and lifts them off the surface of your clear coat for scratch free cleaning. As you wash, the dual action formula leaves a layer of carnaubacar waxfor incredible shine and protection. You simply wash and wax in one fast step. Then, just rinse and dry for incredible results, made incredibly easy.


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